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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Easy job earn form backlinking

If you are a blogger and have you ever thought to make money from back links ? Yeah …you’re hearing the right words, it’s possible to make money online from back links.It’s quite important for blogger to get good quality back links for their blogs to achieve a good page rank (PR). And getting a good PR means blogger can make a lot of money online from the blog because high PR blogs do have a good demand among advertisers.So getting  good quality back links means a lot for blogger.And this creates an opportunity for other blogger to make money online from back links.
Importance of back links is known to most blogger,so every blogger want to get back links from high PR blogs.Suppose a blog has PR1,then it needs back links from PR2 & PR2+ blogs of similar niches to improve its own page rank to PR2 or more.And this improvement in PR would be helpful to make more money online from the blog.But the necessary requirements your blog should have to make money from back-links is the good PR of your own blog.The higher the PR of your blog the more money you’ll make for giving each back link.If your blog has PR1,the chance of getting money from back links is $5 or less per back link.But the blog of PR5 or more may get $20 or more per back link in the blog.So to make more money from back links it’s essential to maintain a higher PR of your own blog.
But remember google hates the blogger who tries to make money from back links.If google catches you doing this,it may downgrade the PR of your blog.So be careful about it.And for blogger who wants to get back links I’ll suggest them to get back links from other blogs of your niches instead of getting back links form paid directories.Because back links from blogs of similar niches will be more helpful to get a good PR.

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